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We were featured in Maverick Magazine a while back, which highlights our first album and how we got started. You can read it in .PDF format by clicking here, or online at Maverick Magazine's website here.

Hi we are the Franklin sisters Annelisa (14) and Adriana (18) and our latest album CD named after our indie internet TV show "Rocking the Place" will be available for sale on this website. It follows our lives on the road as we strive to stay true to our music, our fans, and ourselves in our quest to make a difference. It's reality - really funny, fun for everyone, and full of our catchy brand of authentic harmony rich old school style pop songs. We hope you enjoy our CD, watch our shows and videos, and come see us at our live performances. It's gonna be lots of fun.

Come back to the website often because we are going to be adding so much more stuff over the next few months, including pictures of us on tour & goofin' around, our show dates, lotsa ways to stay in touch with us, contests, how to stay in touch with us, and so much more.

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows!

Adriana & Annelisa

Our original 12 song CD "Places To Go" is now available on our website. Click here to buy it now through PayPal!

AND, keep an eye out for our reality show
"Rocking the Place"